Custom Content Management Systems

When it comes to content management systems, one size does not fit all.
I can create a system that will suit your specific needs, big or small.

From a single page to an online community, a custom content management system (CMS) allows you to manage and update your web site content 24/7 saving you time and money.

Case study - MTB Dirt

MTB Dirt is an online community dedicated to the sport of Mountain biking in Queensland. They required a custom CMS to replace their mix of existing open source solutions.

Over the years MTB Dirt had relied on varying combinations of free open source systems to operate the site, the latest of which was a combination of Joomla! and an out dated SMF forum. Unfortunately this mish mash of systems had become unwieldy, inconsistent and difficult to manage particularly with the growing number of members using the forums.

To bring order to the chaos I created a custom CMS that would integrate users management, forums and web site management into one system while retaining their existing member and forum content.

The new system includes -

  • User management
  • User banning and tracking
  • Member profiles
  • Blogs
  • Member rides
  • Private messaging
  • Web links
  • Events calendar
  • Trails information
  • News feeds

Additionally the system includes a fully integrated and bespoke forum conversion from the existing SMF forum along with importing some 9,000+ members and over 200,000 forum posts.

Of course MTB Dirt is at the extreme end of the scale taking some 6 months to plan and implement, however it is a prime example of what can done with a custom CMS.

Custom CMS examples

Let me create a custom content management system for your web site, contact me to discuss your requirements

In addition to those you will find in my portfolio, I have also built custom content management systems for a variety of businesses including -

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